The Animated Painting Concert Experience

Patchouli & Terra Guitarra is the #1 Charting International Guitar duo Awarded “2017 Best Instrumental Album of the Year” with 21 CDs and 4,500 shows in U.S. Europe & Asia. Remarkably, they are also renowned for their trademarked visual art concept with exhibitions on 3 continents.  They bring their world class music and world class art together in the breathtaking Animated Painting Concert Experience, The Landscape of Guitar.
“Like taking a yoga class in a field of running mustangs” - City Pages, these gifted artists  combine “guitars of the Gipsy Kings, the harmony of Simon & Garfunkel and the colors of Van Gogh” in a show that “inspires the Human Spirit” - Chicago Tribune.

"Terra Guitarra is quickly becoming one of the best nuevo-flamenco groups in the world"

Zone Music Reporter

"An acoustic duo whose songs about harmony & healing inspire the human spirit"

Chicago Tribune

“Patchouli live is amazing. I compare it to taking a yoga class in a field of running mustangs.”

City Pages

Patchouli is:

A folk festival headliner, Public Radio favorite and award winning songwriting duo with transcendent vocal chemistry and that’s not all folks.  They are multi-disciplinary multi-instrumentalists.   An extraordinary bond is immediately apparent as two guitars merge into one acoustic wall of sound and their innovative, percussive flat-picking and hybrid fingerstyle techniques leave even astute listeners wondering where the drummer is.  “How you get two guitars to sound like a 10 piece band is amazing” -RJ Lannen

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Terra Guitarra is:

“One of the top nuevo-flamenco groups in the world” -ZMR, with a #1 and 4 top 5 internationally charting albums, 2017 winner of “Instrumental Album of the Year” and multiple nominations.  Their dynamic world music guitar  compositions have landed them on World, Latin, New Age and Smooth Jazz radio charts worldwide. Their broad based appeal has led to performances as wide ranging as Fine Arts Theaters to Jazz and Pop music Festivals, Community based Concerts Series, Art Festivals, Universities and more.

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The Artwork & Animation of Bruce Hecksel is:

An original concept of guitar shaped landscapes, Terra Guitarra ™. Bruce Hecksel's  “guitar landscapes” are glittering, stained glass-like, acrylic paintings where almost every element in the composition is a guitar shape. Using the guitar as a symbol of the vibrational nature of our world, these vibrant landscapes are pulsing with joy and infinite possibility. The paintings suggest the whole earth is singing and asks the question, can we find harmony with it?

Exhibitions across the U.S., Europe and Asia have put this original concept on the global stage. After years of touring and exhibitions the talented duo animated the paintings to make them truly come alive. In vivid HD guitar birds soar through guitar canyons and guitar mermaids frolic in guitar oceans. In the production “The Landscape of Guitar”  the paintings were composed to the music so the animation fits the performance seemlessly.

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Fine Art Exhibitions:

The band travels with 2-4 original paintings that can be displayed at your venue on date of performance.

Take it to yet another dimension!

PROGRAM OPTION: Find out about including an Art exhibition with the performance.  The Art exhibition option is available if your venue has gallery space or lobby space that would be suitable to exhibit anywhere from 5-50 Bruce Hecksel original Terra Guitarra paintings that are featured in the multimedia Landscape of Guitar production.

Duration of exhibition and installation of artworks is subject to availability and scheduling. Art Opening/Artists reception options for date of performance or dates in advance are available. Paintings up to 30 days in advance of performance date. Artist exhibit contact is separate from performance contract.

Paintings sizes range from  36X36, 24X48 and 24X24 framed or gallery wrapped canvas.

Selected Venues Performed:

  • Bath, UK
    Chapel Arts Centre
  • Beijing, China
    Beijing Concert Hall
  • Suzhou, China
    Suzhou Poly Theatre
  • Changzhou, China
    Phoenix Valley Theatre
  • Nigbo, China
    Nigbo Grand Theatre
  • Amsterdam, NL
    De Nieuwe Anita
  • Naples, FL
  • Bonita Springs, FL
    Center for the Performing Arts
  • Orange Park, FL
    Thrasher Horne Center
  • Inverness, FL
    Valerie Theatre
  • Sarasota, FL
    Glenridge Performing Arts Center
  • Skokie, IL
    Skokie Theatre
  • Japser, IN
    Japser Arts Center
  • Milwaukee, WI
    WLC Schwann Hall
  • Charleston, IL
    Doudna Fine Arts Center
  • Zumbrota, MN
    State Theatre
  • Lola, KS
    Bowlus Center for the Arts
  • Three Lakes, WI
    Center for the Arts
  • Stockholm ,WI
    Widespot Performing Arts

Promotional Materials for Venues:

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Program Description:
The Landscape of Guitar:  The Animated Painting Concert Experience

Performing fiery Spanish guitar pieces like “Malaguena” to the gorgeous vocal harmonies of “Sounds of Silence” this duo takes the art of guitars to another dimension with their new animated animated painting concert experience. A colorful backdrop of lush vibrant painted landscapes based on the guitar theme flows thru the concert. Moving in 3D guitar birds fly through guitar mountains and over guitar rivers, cities and oceans. The paintings come alive with music in this unforgettable surround art experience.

Master guitarist Bruce Hecksel and singer-songwriter Julie Patchouli blend music from their two musical projects Terra Guitarra and Patchouli.  Terra Guitarra is reviewed as “one of the top nuevo-flamenco groups in the world” - Zone Music Reporter. They have 4 top 5 internationally charting albums including Of Sea & Stars winner of “Best Instrumental Album of the Year 2017”. Public Radio favorite Patchouli features Julie’s sparkling lead vocals, beautiful duets and award winning compositions. The Chicago Tribune says the duo’s “songs about harmony & healing inspire the human spirit”. See and hear “the harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel, the guitar brilliance of the Gipsy Kings and the colors of Van Gogh”.

Program Specs

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Contact & Booking

Earthsign Records
Julie Hecksel
Maiden Rock, WI 54750