This week we worked/played hard performing 6 shows in 6 days, but we also got to be “local”, sleep in our own bed, mow our lawn, enjoy visiting with our families, friends and neighbors.
Our first day back in the neighborhood a friend came over from the other side of town with a bright colorful bouquet of flowers just to say welcome home and hi. I headed up to Blueberry Hill where I picked fresh blueberries to my hearts content, and visited with farmer/friend from whom I received fresh eggs greens and veggies and had a great conversation about everything from Russian literature to art, travel, and goats. Our music comrades and neighbors celebrated their first onion harvest by sharing with us the sweet little things which we grilled up and devored. Our small garden, lush from all the June rain, received some nice hot sunshine and has gifted us with zucchini, tomatoes, basil, lettuces, peppers and the flowering hope of more to come. The sweetness continues with neighbors’ local honey, syrups, cheeses and delectable bakery.
                Our “Moveable Feast” carried thru us at each of our performances. With all this proper nutrition & care these 2 touring musicians can truly be HOME in our songs and art, with rejuvenated creativity and inspiration, giving our best to each night.
                This came back to us as well when we see/hear the audiences and get to share in the community of the events. Every show was unique and different for us because you all make it so. Sharing both in the joy and adventure the sorrows and hard times, getting to know each others’ stories is a blessing.
From the ground up with your time, energy and gifts we are buoyant with joy!
We spend a day in this place of Thanksenhausen.
We’ll be taking the next couple of days of RR &R (Rest & Repair -our bodies, instruments, vehicles- and Record) then back out on the road!


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