• Nothing But Heart-CD

Nothing But Heart-CD


by Earthsign Records



Our 22nd recording together to celebrate our 22 years of marriage.  

All the songs on this album were written and recorded before the global pandemic of COVID-19. We finished the mixes and production on the project while in self isolation and discovered what a healing gift it was to immerse ourselves in the music and feel into each song. At the start of our “work from home” our tour was canceled and we were using our portable studio where we were. Truly embodying that “Love will be our home, everywhere we roam, everything we have.” That 1st day of “Working from Love” doves built a nest out the window where we had set up. We watched them work they listened to us sing. Soon 2 eggs were laid and 2 weeks later 2 baby birds emerged. 2 weeks later we were all ready to leave the nest. 2 weeks later the album was finalized. 

Now Available as Physical CD or Digital Download high quality Mp3's

  • 01.
    Chasing After the Sun
  • 02.
    I Might Fly
  • 03.
    Under the Sky
  • 04.
    Nothing But Heart
  • 05.
  • 06.
    Chemical Thing
  • 07.
    Beautiful Tonight
  • 08.
    Sorting Out The Fear
  • 09.
    Perfect Honesty
  • 10.
    I Believe in Music
  • 11.
    Let it Rise
  • 12.
    Peace like a River