Le Tour

Le Tour

We're Half Way thru Le Tour (de France) and Patchouli's Tour of the Midwest in July (Juillet)

There's been some real hot days, but we've kept our cool, there's been incredible scenery, long mountains climbs, winding downhills, fans on the roadside cheering and always exhilarating finishes! 

We've enjoyed exploring a few new "corners" of our state as we go show to show,  like Door Cty & Lake Superior /Apostle Islands, and Patchouli is playing some of our favorite concerts and festivals this month.

Today we return to the Capital and take part in Live art & Music in Madtown. Next weekend is the annual Stockholm Festival as well as Summer on Southport in Chicago. Then on to Minneapolis and up to Northern MN, finishing off the month in Madison again at Olbrich Gardens!

We have to thank so many of you for all your support and love on this journey. It is our joy to share music and art with you.

We're off to race around the lakes before the show

Bruce in his King of the Mt. jersey and Julie in the Green.