Every Day is Earth Day at Earthsign Records

Every Day is Earth Day at Earthsign Records

April feels so good, It’s Earth Month, it’s National Poetry Month,
and as you know here at Earthsign Records

Everyday is Earth Day

each day we strive to live by the rhythm & rhyme of the poetry & melodies of life.
Go ahead get GREEN with us! We’ll be playing many Earth Day shows in the next few weeks, Elgin Green Expo May 5th – and it’s time to plan ahead to the ultimate green experience at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair June 15th!
Look for more details on the tour dates at www.patchouli.net concerts in Illinois and Wisconsin and Minnesota coming right up!

This week in April also happens to be International Trombone week, I think I’ll go pull out that old trombone of mine, and write a horn line for a new song… then I’ll listen to the brilliant job Jason and Airan did playing horns on our “Come A little Closer” album.

Ahhhh it’s really good to be back home in the Midwest and watch spring unfold. The past 4 shows we played were amazing! Full of such good vibrations! Thank you for all your support and generosity. (oh and the little surprise gifts we find on stage and in the green room from the "gig faeries"